Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that enables you to showcase your website on the internet. Through the web hosting service provider you can rent a space on the Internet servers where you can store your website's content.

Business Web supports Yahoo Web hosting package which provides various limited and unlimited hosting plans. This means you get much more storage space, so you can add as much text, images, videos, information, or other content as you need to. See all the features in the Yahoo web hosting plans.

BUSINESS WEB is conceptualized in helping small to medium-sized business to both be found and look good on the Internet!

With recently launched Yahoo Small Business Package, being the exclusive business partner of Yahoo India for YAHOO! SMALL BUSINESS INDIA we have exciting products and ways to bring value to your platforms as our customers.

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Business Mail

Complete Business Communication Solution

What is Business Mail?

Business Mail is a service that enables you to establish a professional identity in your day-to-day communication. Yahoo Business Mail solution provides you with up to 100 emails with unlimited storage per account. It also provides seamless access over the web and mobile with an ad free email inbox, and an award winning antivirus & spam protection.

Get 10 email addresses with unlimited email storage

Web Development

What is Website Development?

Many people ask us what is web development and how is it different from web design? Basically web design is the art of creating the look and feel for a website. However web development is more comprehensive than that and includes developing applications to help make your website more interactive.

Website Development - what can be done?

  • Content Management Systems to help you edit your website and Maintain It
  • Ecommerce functionality for your online shop with Payment Gateway in you Website
  • Custom Forums to help your customers engage with your website along with Chat Forums
  • Online Chat to enable your customers to engage with you while they are online through Website
  • Social networking to enable people to set up their own profiles on your website
  • Online booking systems so that customers can book appointments or hotel rooms etc. through the Website
  • Recruitment websites that allow people to upload their information direct to your website
  • Any other function that involves user input in the Website

Web Design

What is Web Design?

Website Design, is the process of creating the graphic design of each part of the website, and turning that into code (HTML/CSS) that is suitable for the internet.

sounds Simple?

Well in essence, it should be. However those finishing touches that turn a good webpage into a fantastic website take skill, experience and extensive knowledge of good website design practices.

Not only that, but creating the code is not that easy either. A large number of website designers just use a program like Dreamweaver to create the code. This results in code that is messy, and not easily changeable or expandable

At Business Web, we manually create the code for each website, trying to use as few images as possible to keep the loading times down.

Our Website design Principles

  • W3C standards-compliant achieve in website development
  • Cross-browser consistency in website development phase
  • Clear navigation, to make the website easy to use
  • Make text easy to read in website design
  • Organize content in an intuitive manner in website designing process
  • Affordable cost of website designing
  • Creative and Interactive Website design templates
  • Professional and Dynamic website designing for your company
  • Make the website reflect the personality of the company

E - Commerce

What is E - Commerce?

Ecommerce website design services backed by strategic onsite optimization, payment gateway & easy administration.

If you are running a business company, you will need a platform to display your products to the potential customers. In today’s fast paced society, our laptops and mobiles have become shopping platforms where people can buy whatever they want with a single click. Ecommerce websites have brought the traditional shops to our fingertips. Now it has become a necessity for business entities to have a functional Ecommerce website running to sell their products and earn profits.

As a specialized Ecommerce Web Development Company, Business Web recommends the following features for an online startup business to mid size online selling websites:

  • Product Details
  • Customer Care
  • Merchandising & Inventory
  • Shipping & Tax
  • Sales Analysis & Tracking
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Repeat Customer Accommodation

Why to choose Business Web for eCommerce Customization:

  • We have a team of experts that have relevant experience in Opencart web design development and have successfully handled hundreds of projects.
  • We value the opinion and needs of our clients and base our open source shopping cart solutions according to their requirements.
  • Our team provides high quality ecommerce shopping carts that are not only visually appealing but also offer very user friendly interface. Our hard work and dedication speak for itself as we are committed to offer 100 % satisfaction to our clients.
  • At Business Web, you can reap the benefits of our cost effective rates on Opencart development services. Our services are easy on your budget and guarantee increased return of investment.
  • We offer you to choose from various business models. You have the complete freedom to select any model according to your need and budget. We are also known to deliver our ecommerce websites design on time.
  • We implement fast php open source shopping cart development methods and supply our products in the shortest time possible, hence saving your precious time.
  • Our association with clients doesn’t end with the delivery of product but we also provide regular and full online support to our clients. Our team of web developers is 24 hours available and can be connected via instant messaging, emails and chat. We also provide training for clients to help them in managing their Ecommerce sites efficiently.